The player's calculator

Online gamblers, especially punters and poker aces, are very fond of statistics and mathematical calculations. The objective is simple: to rationalize bets and refine strategies to optimize the chances of winning. We find the greatest mathematicians but also the greatest dreamers who believe in the magic formula to beat the bank in blackjack or to roll the casino on the roulette. We'll tell you about useful, safe calculations that will help players to progress. We'll stick to poker and online sports betting.

player's calculator on online casinos

Among all these calculations, which some will jealously guard, there are what we could call the basic techniques. You'll find them in our online poker guides and sports betting pages. They are relatively simple, but they are pretty hard to do in your head for the average person. There are so-called calculators for players online. These are rather small software programs that can automatically and quickly calculate statistics.

Are gambling calculators legal?

Gaming calculators should not be confused with cheating software that gives you an advantage over your opponents or the bank. Many Italian casinos, which in the country called casino stranieri che accettano italiani, provide customers with built-in calculators. Gaming calculators simply help you to calculate faster. If we take the example of poker, some calculators go further by offering real-time statistics. For sports betting, we will see that this calculation will be an aid in making a decision. A calculator for gamblers is not considered as a cheating software. Anyone can use it without fear of having the casino's anti-cheating algorithm on their back.

How does it work?

It's as simple as can be. For poker, the calculator is not a normal calculator at all. It is very simple to use, because the designers had the good idea to take the operation of an online poker table. The player will write down on the calculator all the visible cards, those of his hand and those of the flop.

And this program will calculate all the statistics of the table as it goes along. Some calculators allow you to refine the statistics by taking into account the number of players and the poker variant. This is a tool for beginners to learn how to estimate the strength of their hand.

For sports betting, it's even easier.

Calculating the rate of return can be laborious especially when you play a lot. This calculator simply saves time and avoids miscalculations with a formula that is relatively cumbersome:

  • TRJ = 1 / (1/quote 1 1/quote 2 1/quote 3) x 100

This calculation will allow you to know the real profitability of a single or double unknown bet. For those who want to win regularly, it is essential. A calculator can save a lot of time. All you have to do is enter the odds to find out the RDR. For a professional bettor, this is a huge time saver.

Learn to use poker software

A calculator will give you a number. The most important thing is to understand what you are looking for and why. Too many poker players will use calculators without being able to incorporate the data they find into their strategies. Learning how to use it is all about learning how to use it quickly in an online poker game. You don't want to miss your action window because you are entering information into your calculator. Don't hesitate to practice before you start using it in online poker tournaments!

Next, and most importantly, you need to learn how to use the statistics that will inform your game. The most common mistake is to play on statistics alone. The calculator for poker players is not an end in itself. It is important to note that most of the top players know their stats without the need for a calculator. It is recommended for beginners and average players. Keep in mind that if fate takes you to a real poker table for a tournament, you won't have this tool. Think of it as the wheels on a child's bike. When the kid is ready, he'll take them off - same thing with your poker calculator.

Where to find them?

Poker calculatorSome poker rooms may offer them, such as Winamax or PokerStars, but they can also be found on specialized sites. Texas Calculatem, Calculatem Pro, Holdem Indicator, Poker Tracker are just some of them.

player's calculator on online casinos

We advise you to use the free calculators without downloading. Paid formulas are a catch-22, because in reality they offer nothing more than the free versions. With the downloadable versions, you can never be sure of what you are going to install on your computer. It is more serious to use the versions that work with your browser.