War Mongrels Preview friv game - A Look from the Other Side

Tactical strategy online game from the developer Friv2Online Studio site War Mongrels will be released in September, but we have already had a chance to play the first couple of levels of the game and make a preliminary opinion about it. Let's share our impressions in the preview.

The story campaign of the project will tell the story of two German fighters who decided to betray the Wehrmacht and go into the Resistance to fight Nazism.
It is interesting to look at the events of World War II from a new point of view, but keep in mind that already in the training mission you will have to kill Red Army soldiers, trying to break through the encirclement. Surely further characters will be confronted with their compatriots, but the need to fight with the soldiers of the USSR is unlikely to be pleasant to part of the audience.

At the same time, War Mongrels shows the horrors of war without softening them. There is hell in the trenches, explosions scatter body parts to the sides, and soldiers shoot prisoners without remorse. It's a very naturalistic game, which is not surprising - it's made by Destructive Creations, a studio known for Hatred, Ancestors Legacy and Daymare: 1998, friv games that weren't shy about shocking gamers.
We'll talk more about the story when we play the release version, but for now we should take a closer look at War Mongrels gameplay. It's a tactical strategy game in the spirit of Commandos or Desperados, with real-time action, controlled pause and unique heroes' abilities.

For example, one of the deserter soldiers can pick up and throw bottles, distracting the enemies. He also hurts enemy soldiers, knocking them out with a single blow. And if necessary, he will make a "rose" from the same bottle to quickly eliminate two soldiers. His partner is able to climb on high ground, wears a pocket watch that can be thrown as a decoy, and wields a knife - a very effective weapon.
Every action of the characters makes noise, and enemies have a certain radius of view, displayed in the form of cones. You need to act stealthily and carefully, as the protagonists can't boast of strong health. At some point, I wanted to try my luck and go into open combat with trophy assault rifles... well, the friv game quickly put me in my place, having driven away enemies from the entire neighborhood.

Although the action of War Mongrels unfolds in real time, there is a controlled pause, which can be called with the TAB key. You will go to the planning mode and can give commands to your characters, which they will execute simultaneously: for example, when you need to eliminate nearby guards.
Now the game is obviously at an early stage of development, and there's no point in talking about bugs - they are there, but most of them will probably be gotten rid of by the release. They will also add the ability to save manually, Russian localization, new friv game mechanics and other content. So far, War Mongrels leaves an impression of a promising tactical strategy with an ambiguous scenario and a naturalistic approach to demonstrating the realities of war.