How much do you have? (2011)

Ellie Darling had quite a few guys, but she never managed to find the only one with whom she could live her whole life. But she does not despair and believes that she will meet him soon. One day, when she was spending time with her friends, they came across an interesting article in a magazine. According to her, if a woman had twenty or more guys, then she simply could not find her life partner among them, and in the future she will not be able to do it.

Remembering how many guys Ellie had, she realizes that most likely she is just such a woman, since the number, although not reaching 20, is close to it. She decides not to start new novels yet, but to sort out the old ones. With the help of her neighbor, the main character decides to find those with whom she previously met and try to start all over again. Thus, she will manage not to exceed the set number and find her love.

But everything turned out to be easy only in theory. Both the search for guys and the restoration of contacts with them turned out to be not quite a pleasant thing. Some of them have a completely different life, and parting with someone was so unpleasant that they do not want to look for a person. But gradually Ellie realizes that her neighbor in search of her is showing her unequivocal attention. She tries not to succumb to his courtship, because she believes that if this romance fails, then all further personal life will collapse.

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