Winter holidays in Cyprus

Cyprus in winter looks pretty interesting. People at this time are dressed here in different ways, who are in jackets and trousers, and who are in sandals and shorts. This period on the island each perceives in its own way. Everyone here is only one thing here is sunglasses.

Winters in Cyprus are soft, the air temperature here fluctuates from +5 to +19 degrees. And the water temperature is average about +16 degrees.

It is said that Russian tourists are not afraid of such a temperature, and they bathe here even in winter. If during the summer months to rest in Cyprus come for a beach holiday, then the season begins the season of a leisurely sightseeing, since during this period there is no exhausting heat and endless crowd of tourists.

At this time, you can leisurely stroll along the medieval mountain monasteries, admiring the ancient mosaic, go through the places of Aphrodite, visit the tomb of Saint Lazar. For a variety, you can even stay in small villages for a few days in small villages or go to the salt lake, which is located near Limassol to look at the pink flamingos.

The main culprit of many celebrations on the island is Aphrodite - this is the goddess of love, which, according to myths, was not a shore of the island from sea foam. It happened in a picturesque bay, and at the site of the appearance of Aphrodites from the sea sticks out a huge fragment of the rocks.

Every year, almost all tourists who come to relax in Cyprus are striving every year, because by legend you can correct love affairs or find eternal youth. Locals even invented the legend that if they sail around the stone of Aphrodites clockwise, then you can forever save youth and beauty, and if you get a stone counterclockwise, you can turn the time to reverse and become younger.

Of course, sailing around the stone in the winter is unlikely to decide, but go on the knee into the water and wash away the people who want a lot of people, because no one doubts that it is molding.

According to another legend, next to the place where Aphrodite went ashore, you need to find pebbles like a heart look so that love reigns in the house. And many tourists who wish to perpetuate their love to each other, laid out on the hills near the beach stone hearts with their own initials.

A lot of places are connected with Aphrodite on the island, one of these is the ruins of the 100-housing sanctuary of Aphrodite, which was built in the bronze age. Or built by the ancient Greeks of Kurion. It was founded this city-state after the Trojan War, and since the situation at that time was restless, the fortress was built on the rock over the sea, it was a great place from where you could control the enemy.

And on the slope, turned to water, built an amphitheater, which is perfectly preserved and to the present. Here is an amazing acoustics and if you shine something, then the sound is distributed throughout the theater.

By the way, the scene is working, but only to perform on it, you need to get permission from the Department of Antiquities. Here carefully refer to the story and monitor the loud sound to destroy old stones, so the rock musicians are ordered here. But very often there are concerts of classical music. TOP bitcoin casino online