Advantages of a wooden house from a rounded log

Those who already live in their own wooden house have already managed to evaluate all its advantages and, undoubtedly, will not seek to change it to the stone and even more so come back to the conditions of stone jungle. After all, the tree is the most eco-friendly and centuries proven material for construction, it has many undeniable advantages. The tree is natural, alive, environmentally friendly material, it has a truly unique structure, at its cellular level there is constantly airbreaking. Wood promotes health improvement, and normalizes the microclimate in the room.
Therefore, houses from the rounded log do not even need air conditioners, as the tree in itself is a natural air conditioner. During the day, thanks to the wooden walls, the room is 30% filled with fresh air. The tree has excellent thermal insulation properties. The walls of the log 5 times exceed the thermal insulation indicators of concrete or brick walls, with the same thickness. Wooden walls can accumulate heat and distribute it throughout the house, so even the most tall frosts are terrible. A tree is a durable and durable material. With competently designed and erected wooden house, nothing will happen to the next dozens of years. It is enough to remember the outstanding monuments of wooden architecture, how many centuries they admire and please us with their magnificence. In wooden houses live safely. Few people know that the log buildings have excellent seismic resistance, so you can build and arbores from the rounded log, and other designs. Hardless refractory formulations make a tree completely safe and resistant to fire, and even in a fire, the tree will not burn.
Wooden house requires smaller foundation costs, it is much easier to concrete or brick. In addition, a wooden house can be built almost at any time of the year. A variety of architectural projects and extensive opportunities for their implementation make it possible to create construction under the individual wishes of the customer. All of the above equally applies to the entire spectrum of buildings from the rounded logs - houses, cottages, you can build a bath from rounded logs, country houses, chopped wooden log cabins. The houses from the rounded log do not require any external finish, because the beauty of natural wooden walls is indisputable. Rounded logs are reproduced in the factory conditions, so the construction site will not be risen in chips and sinters. The accuracy of the wet castles will provide a quick and high-quality graduation assembly. To begin our article about 1XBET let’s take a look at the design and colour scheme of the website. The 1XBET website has been created using mainly blue and white as the base colours and that makes everything clear and easy to understand. What is the 1XBet Promo Code? is fantastic and offers new customers at 1XBET a 100% bonus up to €/$130 (or currency equivalent). That means you can make a first deposit of up to €/$130 and you will receive the same amount back in free bets. You will then be automatically entitled to the 1XBET 100% bonus up to €/$130, which is a great way to start betting at the website.