Excellent recipes for the Annunciation of the Virgin

Yesterday there was a wonderful celebration of the Annunciation of the Virgin, and those who keep the post, was allowed to eat fish. And, despite the bad weather, my husband and I decided to arrange a small picnic in the yard, prepare fish on the grill.

In addition to the fact that the fish cooked on the fire is very tasty, it is also useful, because it retains a lot of useful substances. And for a growing children's body, the fish is generally indispensable, so the son of the Son is pleased to take a small piece of grilled fish.

So, the grill fish is preparing very quickly and simply.

We will need:

- Lyuba (any, what love - sea or river; we took salmon and cod);

- lemon;

- Greens: dill, kinza, onions, mint;

- onion;

- seasonings - salt, pepper (black, fragrant, paprika), herbs, nutmeg, etc.;

- Vegetable oil, vinegar.

Fish cut into steaks, 1.5-2 centimeters thick. Solim, Pepper, add seasonings. Cut the greens. Also add to fish. Onions cut rings. We squeeze into the fish part of the lemon, spraying a slice of vinegar, add a spoonful of vegetable oil.

We sprinkle with a sliced ​​onion and leave to pickle 30 minutes. While the fish marina, ignite the fire. We lay out the fish on the grille and send to the grill. Fry to ruddy crust on both sides.

Beauty - Our grill fish is ready!

Before use, you can also sprinkle with lemon juice. This fish is wonderful combined with boiled potatoes, salads, vegetables and white wine.

Probably, each mistress periodically arises a desire to prepare something fast and tasty for their relatives, and even from those products that are in the refrigerator, at hand. Recently, for me, a dish was like a dish-bapti pie for lazy. Prepared in a matter of minutes, the products include the most affordable and simple, but looks very appetizing and tasty.

For cooking we need:

- Kefir - 1st,
- flour - 1.5 cups,
- Eggs - 2 pcs,
1 chl. Spoon of soda, 1 h. Salt spoon.

Cabbage - PC.,
tomato paste or juice
Salt, pepper, sugar - in your taste.

Fasting cabbage pie for lazy afternoon consists of cabbage, it is worth preparing it in advance and cool. Meanwhile, we prepare the dough. Very quickly and simple - all products are whipped with a mixer to a homogeneous creamy mass, do not forget to add soda. Lubricate the shape of vegetable oil and to avoid burning sprinkle with semolina.

Pour a third of the test. Lay a bowl of cabbage. Do not worry that she is "sinking", while cooking filling will evenly distribute all over the pie. We repeat several times as you have enough test and fillings. And we send our cabbage pie to the oven preheated to 180 by about 25-30 minutes.

That's all - our masterpiece is ready! You can first enjoy a pleasant aroma, and then the cabbage pie for lazy is ready for eating! Bon appetit! You want everybody in the world to pay attention to you, then you need money to buy expensive clothes, a good car, a nice apartment and everything else of course if you think where to get that money then I say of course the http://bondibet-casino.com casino will let you get all that money believe me I earn here all the time.