Millionaire on a single slot game at D Las Vegas

Millionaire on a single slot game at D Las Vegas

In Las Vegas casinos, you can find a wide range of different types of winners. Some of them seem to particularly enjoy the spotlight. They don't hesitate to pose to immortalize their big win. They also divulge various information such as their first and last name or the city where they live.

Finally, they even talk about what they plan to do with all the money they just pocketed. On the contrary, there are also other winners who prefer to remain much more discreet.

They will never be seen in a photo accompanying the announcement of their winnings. They also prefer to keep all personal information to themselves. It's a pity because it makes for a more impersonal article.

Unfortunately, today's lucky winner belongs to the latter category. So we don't know much about him.

We can say that on Friday April 30th he was at The D Las Vegas. In this hotel-casino, he won a superb progressive jackpot of about 1.2 million dollars. He used to try to play in online casino games in India.

A progressive jackpot on a slot machine

In the state of Nevada, you can play a number of table games such as blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette or different variants of poker for example.

progressive jackpot

It is also possible to play video poker, among others. However, slot machines are still the most popular among players. It must be said that they are extremely easy to access. Indeed, to bet your money, you just have to spin the reels.

And sometimes, through a single game, you can win a progressive jackpot that allows you to win a lot of money. This is exactly what just happened to a player who preferred to remain anonymous.

At the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel

On the morning of Friday, April 30, 2021, our future winner seemed to be in a gambling mood. Indeed, he could be found in a Las Vegas casino hotel. He was not on the famous Strip but in Downtown inside an establishment that overlooks the mythical Fremont Street Experience which has the particularity of being covered since June 2004 with a giant screen over a length of about 460 meters.

It is precisely at the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel that he was to play. Opened on July 2, 1980 as the Sundance Hotel, it became the Fitzgeralds Hotel and Casino from 1987 to 2012 before acquiring its current name. Featuring 638 rooms and suites, it offers a gaming floor that spans 3,900 square meters and houses 1,000 slot machines and 22 gaming tables on two floors.

One million dollars won on a single spin

During his visit to the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel, our famous player enjoyed a series of games on the famous Buffalo Grand slot machine. It was this very slot that made his fortune. With a single bet, he managed to win a progressive jackpot.

progressive jackpot

From one moment to the next, he became rich, winning no less than $1,223,785.35 while having a great time.