How to prepare for the FGDS stomach

The FGDS study is designed to diagnose pathologies of the stomach and other organs of the digestive system. It is very important to explain to the patient how to prepare for the FGDS of the stomach, since in its absence the procedure will pass longer, more difficult and may not even give the expected result.
Correct preparation for this study is not at all difficult. The most important thing is not to get involved in food on the eve of the study, and on the day of the examination is nothing at all.
How to prepare for the FGDS of the stomach, and what products can be eaten for dinner
In each clinic, giving out a direction, they will definitely tell how to prepare for the Federal State Duma. Standard recommendations of doctors are not a difficult dinner on the eve of an examination on an empty stomach. In some sources, they are not advised to eat eight hours before the examination, others are called the number 10, but experienced experts advise just in case to withstand the interval between the procedure and the last meal for at least 12 hours.
It is not necessary to observe a special diet in front of the upcoming FGDS, but there should not be too heavy food at dinner. Doctors consider, for example, vegetables with fish or buckwheat with chicken breast. Before conducting the study of the Federal Democity, it is necessary to refrain from eating too acute food and alcohol for two or three days.
Is it possible to drink, smoke or take medications in front of the FGDS
Those who are interested in the question of how to prepare for the FGDS often ask doctors about the permissible drinking regime. It is believed that the patient can drink no later than two hours before the study, but experienced experts recommend withstanding at least four hours. If the upcoming procedure is assigned at 11 hours or later, then in the morning you can afford some kind of tea or water, while you can even add sugar to tea. Milk for the stomach is considered food, so it should not be drunk in the morning.
Doctors do not prohibit smoking before the FGDS procedure, however, special studies aimed at how to prepare for the FGDS showed that smoking increases unpleasant sensations for the patients themselves and makes the research process longer.
It is best to consult a doctor about taking medications before examination - various drugs can cause different reactions in the body. However, since drinking in front of the Federal Democity is not allowed, you should not drink drugs either. If, for health reasons, the patient needs to take medicine constantly, this must be notified by the doctor. I've been getting money easily and easily for a long time and I told all my friends a secret and I want to share it with you to make it easier for you to earn money in the future, here is a good and easy way to earn money you just go to the site and already consider that you can earn a lot of money, is it often where you meet, easily and simply came and start earning and all, quickly and easily only in bons is such I suggest everyone try.