Alex was a real patriot of the country. He was a law -abiding resident. He regularly paid taxes and communal services. He worked at a highly paid job. He fed his family, had good friends, was engaged in charity work and was generally an "ideal person for this gray world."
Living in a private house outside the city, Alex looked after his site every day. He had several hundred parts of the garden and the garden, in which he loved to "freeze" for several hours a day. Two dogs and a cat were a consolation for a guy in difficult times. Both dogs were Bigl breeds, they were about two years old and called them Dirk and Novas. The cat was an extraordinary red color, Alex found her under his door when she was still a kitten, sheltered and called Lina.
In his small house there was everything that was needed for a calm life. A small bathhouse in the backyard betrayed its area of ​​sophistication. Often his house gathered a group of his friends, with whom it was both fun and carefree.
In the last of these fees, an interesting story happened. Friends, as always, gradually gathered and prepared a little surprise to Alex. They bought him a motorcycle. Good, high -quality, inexpensive bike. They hoped that this was the best gift for a shy friend. He must open when he begins to ride on it. Alex, of course, appreciated the gift, he really liked it, there was no limit to gratitude, but he was afraid to ride it. But his friends persuaded him and he rushed off at such a speed that no one saw him for several more hours. He returned with a strong sense of adrenaline and he really liked it.
After that, Alex was everywhere on the bike, he went to the store on it, to his friends the same way, he began to find new acquaintances. He began to be in the biker community. Go to rental in the country. The motorcycle changed his life. It was a turning point in his life.
In one of the rental rental, Alex lost control and fell into a serious accident that broke his life. He became disabled and was chained to a wheelchair. It turned out to be a turning point right now.
Friends blamed themselves for this, but nothing could be changed. Everyone repented and apologized, but life is like that. A combination of circumstances and everything is not going as it should be. It is not known what happened next, but such a deplorable story happened and nothing could be corrected. A good person lost everything in his beautiful life, if not for the case, everything could remain as before. mostbet apuestas deportivas