Fabio Cannavaro's return to “Juventus”, with matches covered on iBet789

Fabio Cannavaro is one of the best defenders of the 2000s. It is not without reason that he won the Golden Ball in 2006 for his phenomenal play at the World Cup as part of the Italian national team. By the way, you can bet on iBet789 on all the confrontations involving the "Scuadra Azzurra". 

In 2009 Cannavaro, who was already 36 years old, returned to his native Italian championship. The footballer moved to the "Juventus" from Turin, where he had already played from 2004 to 2006.

It seemed that his experience would allow him to play a season or two at a high level. But the reality was different. Cannavaro played often enough, but his performance lacked the reliability he had always shown.

The player got tired a lot, lost his position on the pitch, made mistakes. All of this had a negative impact on Juventus' results. By the way, you can bet on the matches involving this club today at iBet 789. Having spent in the team only a season, Cannavaro left the ranks and moved to the UAE championship. After playing there for one more year in 2011, the defender will finish his professional career.

The best proof that Cannavaro's return to his homeland was not very successful is the fact that "Juventus" finished only 7th in the standings in the 2009/2010 campaign. Obviously, the team was expected to do better.

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Cannavaro started to give up already while playing for "Real Madrid". Therefore, it was not surprising that in summer 2009 the club easily let the age defender go. By the way, you can download iBet789 app and use it to place bets on all Madrid club matches. Cannavaro spent three seasons with the club.

And if we talk about the reasons for his unsuccessful return to “Juventus”, they include:

  1. Age. Cannavaro had lost his speed and found it difficult to keep up with his opponents' forwards. Opponents regularly took advantage of that. Yes, Fabio could produce some great plays but it was hard to count on him as a defensive leader over the long run.
  2. Lack of proper motivation. By the time he returned to "Juventus", Cannavaro had won practically everything. Therefore, he had no desire to put himself out there all the time.
  3. Problems with his physical condition. Because of that, the defender has been unable to demonstrate his full skills set for a long time.

In this way, his departure from "Juventus" in summer 2010 was a logical and rational decision. And if you are interested in this club now, then download the app of bookmaker iBet789 and start betting on all the matches involving the "Old Lady". It covers its matches not only in Serie A, but also in other tournaments. This allows you to regularly make profitable predictions on various competitions.