We are happy to announce that Juva Life has raised just over $17.5M USD from approximately 3,000 individual investors through its Regulation A+ offering that was qualified by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on August 21, 2019. Juva Life is one of the first cannabis companies to complete a Reg A+ filing with the SEC.

Under the offering, Juva will have issued approximately 35M units at a price of $0.50 USD per unit. Each unit is comprised of one common share of Juva stock and one half Juva share purchase warrant. Each warrant entitles the holder thereof to acquire one additional share of Juva stock at $0.75 USD per share for 18 months following the date of issuance.

The units issued in connection with the offering will be subject to a statutory hold period of four months plus a day from the date of issuance in accordance with applicable securities laws.

Our Transfer Agent Odyssey Trust is preparing to send physical communication through traditional postal service at the time of this writing. The communication will include a DRS statement of ownership along with a valid Warrant Certificate.

Juva Life’s CEO, Doug Chloupek, said, “My dedicated team of scientists, researchers, operations specialists, and executive team are already in full swing. We are collectively motivated to know that such a large number of people believe as firmly as we do that cannabis is indeed an incredible gift and one whose medical applications deserve the attention of the scientific community. It’s time to ‘demystify’ cannabis’ many healing applications and share that with people.”

Juva Life is in the process of completing its 2019 audit and intends to file its non-offering prospectus with the British Columbia Securities and Exchange Commission (BCSC) in the coming weeks. Once Juva Life’s prospectus is cleared by the BCSC, the company will apply for both a listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) and a dual listing on the OTC Markets in the US as a foreign issuer.

While Juva Life is vertically integrated, its strategy is cyclical and forward-moving. Juva Life’s founder, industry veteran Doug Chloupek, is aware of the limits facing California companies not fully vertically integrated — it forces them to be beholden to other companies for critical parts of their supply chain. By controlling cultivation, processing, distribution, and retail (through delivery and brick and mortar retail locations), Juva Life, when fully operational, will have limited its vulnerability and lowered middleman costs, effectively boosting margins.

Juva’s ultimate goal is to engage in the research and development necessary to create new and novel plant-based formulations that are the result of carefully designed scientific research. It hopes to provide a bridge to critical information previously hampered by cannabis’ Schedule 1 status.

Juva has various leased properties with a total of 10 local licenses (one State-approved) throughout one of the United States’ most progressive and affluent regions: the San Francisco Bay, Silicon Valley, and the Central Valley.

Redwood City delivery is fully licensed and operational and transacted its first sale in the second week of January. With a full staff and dedicated vehicles, marketing has begun and is building on the company’s already-existing strong community relationships. As the first operational, licensed delivery company in Redwood City, Juva Delivery has a six-month lead time advantage over the other five license holders. This location will deliver from San Bruno to Mountain View.

Stockton/San Juan is simultaneously in the first and second of three planned phases. Phase one includes the buildout of the front-of-house offices, as well as the distribution and delivery areas, all efficiently housed in one facility. Juva is targeting to have delivery and distribution operational in this facility by mid-2020. Phase two includes the build-out of the first three cultivation rooms; the goal is to begin planting in these rooms by July 2020, with the first harvests occurring in September 2020.

Hayward’s interior demolition is complete and Juva is currently awaiting approval on the installation of the facility sprinkler system, which, once completed, will allow Juva to begin utilization of its existing Class 5 cleanroom for important R&D work. Once fully constructed, Hayward will be ready for cultivation, manufacturing, retail, and distribution under Juva’s locally-approved microbusiness license. This location will also house a flagship retail store, currently under design, as well as provide space for patient consultations with qualified, medical staff.

Juva’s flagship facility in Hayward, CA.



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You may obtain a copy of our approved Reg A+ offering circular here.