A Cannabis Conglomerate

Quickly establishing itself as a leader in the cannabis space, Juva Life is looking to make an impact in all areas of medical and recreational cannabis production, manufacturing, research and development, distribution, and retail. This vertically-integrated corporation will be home to three thriving cannabis operations.

Juva Labs

Juva Labs, our medical divison, is involved in drug research, manufacturing and distribution.

Juva Labs will develop “precision cannabis” products that deliver the right medicine to the right patient at the right time.

Our team works hard to pursue new opportunities through cannabis research and development, with sights set on securing intellectual property and patents. Juva Labs will also create white-label products for recreational and medical-related cannabis companies.

Leaders in Medical Research

Juva Labs will develop IP, research registries and patent formulations in areas of oncology, neurology, pain management and opiate reduction.


  • Through Juva Labs we will create custom medical formulations and medical-related products.
  • Including: Human Interactive Investigations for IntraMuscular Pain, Neuropathic Pain, Cancer, PTSD, MS, Epilepsy, Muscle Spasticity, Autism, Parkinson’s, Sleeping disorder.
  • We will test and verify product integrity through a network of doctors, clinics, and at our newly developed $5 Million Class 5 clean room.
  • Our team will develop products utilizing 5 drug delivery mechanisms: gel capsule, transdermal patch, inhaler, oral tongue strip, and suppository.
  • Collectively our team has more than 25 years of IRB research experience.

Juva Retail

Juva Retail will be our real-world connection to our cannabis consumers.

Juva Retail has an experienced team, having run several $15 million+ retail and B2B facilities.

Juva Life will operate retail dispensaries servicing adult and medical markets, including home delivery. Juva Life has 7 retail license opportunities, including a flagship brick-and-mortar store set to open in the heart of the Bay Area, and delivery service to the entire Bay Area and beyond.

Juva Cultivation

Juva Cultivation will cultivate and distribute high quality cannabis to recreational and medical users in California.

At our previous facility we grew 430 lb. of cannabis per year for our connoisseur cannabis brand, Frosted Flowers. Production is set to increase to 12,950 lb. per year once all facilities are operational.

Experts in Cultivation


We will grow 12,950 lbs. per year in facility, with projected annual gross revenue of $22 million.

30 years

Expertise starts right here, with over 30 years of combined commercial cultivation experience

High Times Award

We’re proud of our High Times Award for our Silver Haze strain

65 harvests

65 Successful harvests mark our expertise in cultivation.

48,500 sq. ft.

Over 48,500 sq. ft of warehouse space is in use for cultivation.

Vertical Integration

Authority on Manufacturing

We are most recognized for three popular boutique strains: Silver Haze, Maple Wreck, Sumatra Kush.

Our facility will be CDPH and ServSafe with the capability to extract 218,000 lbs of cannabis material annually.

Our Commercial Kitchen will produce edibles and other ingestible products.

Through Juva Labs we will create custom medical formulations and medical-related products.

We will offer White Label products which creates opportunities and provides the means for new and existing out-of-state brands to introduce products in California.

Efficient Distribution

With our distribution license we will sell directly to dispensaries statewide, removing the “middle-man” distributor.


Juva Life is working to develop a statewide distribution network through existing and new relationships.


Juva Life’s leadership team has long established relationships with California’s top dispensaries:

Experienced Retailer

18 yrs

Our management team combined has over 18 years of cannabis retail experience.


Our team has experience running several $15 million+ retail facilities.


Our track record is proven, having operated four successful dispensaries/delivery operations generating an excess of $30 million per year.


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